Monday, February 27, 2017

Fish oil for treatment of asthma


Asthma is a chronic, exaggerated and allergic inflammatory response in the respiratory airways to certain allergens that vary according to seasons.

Omega- 3 fatty acids in high- quality fish oils and other products reduce the inflammation by regulating B- cell function. IgE production is reduced, which otherwise acts to cause asthma symptoms and allergic reactions in patients with mild form of asthma.

The fatty acids are used up by the cells in the lining of respiratory passages to produce hormones that tend to "turn- off" certain factors responsible for attracting white blood cells to the site of inflammation such as leukotrienes, interleukins, and other cytokines.

However, these oils are less effective in severe forms of the disease and in the majority of patients taking corticosteroids.

According to a study, prenatal exposure to fish oils (mainly in third trimester) reduces the risk of wheeze and asthma in children.

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- Jaskunwar Singh

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