Thursday, February 23, 2017

Delirium and Dementia mnemonics


Delirium- "It is a transient, usually reversible cause of mental dysfunction that results in a wide range of neuropsychiatric abnormalities, mostly presented by elderly as
- waxing and waning type of acute- confusional state
- fall in attention- span
- decreased awareness of surroundings
- low cognition levels."

Causes of Delirium- (mnemonic: DELIRIUM)
D- Drugs (anti- cholinergics, antipsychotics etc)
E- Encephalopathy (Wernicke's)
L-  LSD intoxication
I- Infections
R- Respiratory failure
I- Insomnia
U- (v) visual sphere hallucinations
M- Metabolic disorders

Dementia- "A group of neuropsychiatric disorders characterised by chronic and gradual decrease in the ability of person to think, create memories, express emotions and other mental symptoms that affect the general well being."

Causes of Dementia (mnemonic: DEMENTIA)-
D- Degeneration (Primary cerebral)
E- Endocrinal dysfunction
M- Multiple sclerosis
E- Embolisation (vascular pathology)
N- Normal tension hydrocephalus
T- Tumors
I- Infections
A- Alcohol intoxication

That's all
- Jaskunwar Singh

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