Friday, March 10, 2017

Authors' diary: Medicowesome secret project

We initially introduced the secret project very mysteriously and kept the details highly confidential just for fun! Let me tell you more about it...

What is the secret project?
We want to work with different awesomites all over the globe to create something... Different. We wish to collaborate with art forms yet relating to the roots of medicine. The secret project is about artists, to be honest.

How can I participate?
If you are willing to give an hour (Or less) to participate in the Medicowesome secret project, all you got to do is send me a message with these details -

Name or pen name: Which will be published on Medicowesome.
Passion apart from Medicine: Photography, painting, football, calligraphy, crochet, poetry, video games, cooking... Anything really!

And I will send you the details of a unique secret project that you can work on :D
There is no deadline and this is for pure fun.

You can email (, Facebook, Tweet or Tumblr message. If you have my Whatsapp number, you can text me directly.

Why is it called the secret project?
Because you don't know what you will be working on till we give you the details! :)

What was the inspiration behind the secret project?
I love all art forms. I wanted to create a platform where medical students can share their art. The idea is to encourage extra curricular activities... Within the curriculum (We might create a magazine on the Medicowesome Secret Projects someday haha!)

Thank you everyone who participated and everyone who sent their love and appreciation while reading these!


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