Friday, March 10, 2017

NYHA Classification Mnemonic

Hey guys, this post will help you to remember the definitions of the four NYHA classes.

So first just remember two phrases-
"Patient with a heart disease" and "in ordinary or accustomed activities". For convenience I will use letters A and B to refer to these phrases respectively. Now I will just fill in the gap between them.

1. NYHA Class I:
A--- will not get dyspnea ---B.

2. NYHA Class II:
A--- will get dyspnea ---B.

3. NYHA Class III:
A--- will get dyspnea in less than ---B.

4. NYHA Class IV:
A--- will get dyspnea at rest.

This system of classification has its flaws since the definition of "ordinary and accustomed activities" is entirely subjective. Like for example if a rich businessman gets breathless after walking 1 km, you may label him as NYHA Class II, but the same case in a hard working labourer will have to be labelled as NYHA Class III.

And another thing that NYHA has recently clarified NYHA Class III a bit further, it has included self-care activities in it's spectrum. As a supposition, if a 56 year old male person gets breathless while shaving or bathing then it is NYHA Class III.


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