Friday, March 17, 2017

Brainstem Syndromes!

So let's get done with all the important brainstem syndromes once and for all !
I would be writing on all of them one by one...
Also ...I will try and incorporate many of my diagrams to help you guys make it seem less daunting...
Starting from the Midbrain the first syndrome is..
(The image shows the level of the lesion)

1):Parinaud's Syndrome
Lesion location:Midbrain dorsum ,superior  collicculi.
Structures involved: Quadrigeminal plate region; pretectum; periaqueductal gray matter
Etiology: •Due to mass lesion in the region of the posterior third ventricle, most often pinealoma, or due to midbrain infarction.
Clinical features:
•Impaired upgaze as centre for upward gaze is affected
convergence retraction nystagmus;
Argyll Robertson pupil :dilated pupils with light near dissociation.

A closer look at the structures involved .

I hope it helped !Also do share your Neuroanatomy diagrams and and more information on Parinaud Syndrome.

Have a nice day!


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