Friday, March 17, 2017

Facts and Fallacies: Vitamin D link to cancer

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Vitamin D has been shown beneficial for a variety of disorders and diseases. Recent studies now suggest that those deficient in vitamin D are at a  higher risk of developing cancer compared to those with adequate levels.

Elderly males who have vitamin D deficiency are prone to develop prostate cancer and have bad prognosis. Depending on the genotype and receptors, this deficiency may worsen the case of colorectal adenomas. Supplements of D3 along with Calcium have been shown to improve the clinical picture.

It has been observed that people residing in southern latitudes have sufficient levels of this essential vitamin due to enough exposure to sunlight. The incidence of carcinomas and death rates is also lesser in these areas which point towards the role of vit - D in carcinogenesis.
In contrast, those living in northern latitudes are deficient in this vitamin and at high risk of developing malignancies !!

Women with deficient 25- OHD levels suffer from bad prognosis of breast cancer !!

Studies on cancer cells have shown its role in preventing the development of cancer by decreasing cancer cell growth, stimulating apoptosis, and reducing new vessel formation ( angiogenesis ).

More research is required for finding evidence and the mechanism underlying this association.

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- Jaskunwar Singh

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