Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Is it okay to wish a man "Happy Women's Day"?

Hello awesomites!

Happy women's day to everyone - Male and female!


In the uterus, we were all, once upon a time, phenotypically female.

Genetically, though, we could be XX or XY depending on our sex. But the Y chromosome doesn't start functioning immediately. In fact, the first 5-6 weeks of development is attributed to the X chromosome only. (This is why both men and women have nipples - Because the development occurs before the activation of the Y chromosome genes!)

The SRY gene on the Y chromosome makes the phenotypical changes to male. If for some reason, the SRY gene is not able to make changes in the pre-programmed female to become male, the genetic male will be phenotypically female.

Mutations in the SRY gene causes Swyer syndrome, also known as 46 XY complete gonadal dysgenesis. The mutation prevents production of the sex-determining region Y protein (Also known as testis determining factor) or result in the production of a nonfunctioning protein. This fetus will not develop testes but will develop a uterus and fallopian tubes, despite having a XY male karyotype.

That's all!
So is it okay if I said "Same to you" to a male today? I was referring to your embryological development at 5-6 weeks of gestation!


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