Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Parinauds syndrome notes, mnemonic and a video

Parinauds syndrome notes + mnemonic + video!

- Also known as the dorsal midbrain syndrome
- Caused by compression of the tectal plate (Where the superior and inferior colliculi sit!)

Clinical features:
- Supranuclear vertical gaze disturbance
- Upward gaze palsy (Downward gaze preference!)
- Pupillary light-near dissociation (Pupils respond to near stimuli, but not light)
- Collier's tucked lid sign or posterior fossa stare (Bilateral or unilateral eyelid retraction)

Seen in:
- Germ cell tumors (Most common cause of Parinauds syndrome)
- Pineal gland tumors (Pinealoma is rare)

For those who want the image summary:

Parinauds syndrome notes + mnemonic

That's all!


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