Saturday, April 29, 2017

Condyloma acuminata vs condyloma lata mnemonic

Condyloma lata mnemonic: FLATS!
Flat lesions
fLATA - Condyloma lata!
flatSS - Secondary syphilis

Lata lis - Lata is seen in syphilis

Condyloma acuminata mnemonic: Accumulation!
Accumulation of various viruses - HPV 16, HPV 18
Accumulates and becomes a mountain like lesion, like a warty cauliflower (Not flat!)
Accumulation of a big condyloma: Condyloma acuminata!
A for Acuminata, A for Anogenital warts!

From UpToDate:
Large, raised, gray to white lesions may develop in warm, moist areas such as the mouth and perineum. These are referred to as condyloma lata. These lesions occur most often in areas proximate to the primary chancre and may reflect direct spread of organisms from the primary ulcer

External anogenital warts are typically found on the vulva, penis, groin, perineum, perianal skin, and/or suprapubic skin. The warts can be single or multiple, flat, dome-shaped, cauliflower-shaped, filiform, fungating, pedunculated, cerebriform, plaque-like, smooth (especially on the penile shaft), verrucous, or lobulated (picture 1A-H). The color varies; warts may be white, skin-colored, erythematous (pink or red), violaceous, brown, or hyperpigmented. Anogenital warts are usually soft to palpation and can range from 1 mm to more than several centimeters in diameter. The warts are typically asymptomatic but may be pruritic.

That's all!
Thanks SG for the help


  1. Hi,
    I passes usnle step2 in 2015 and took step1 and CS in 2017 and applying in residency this year(IA)....i dont know if its with eberone or just me but i seem to have forgotten everything...can you suggest a way to improve myself?
    Thanks much.

  2. Condyloma Acuminata is caused by HPV 6 and 11 and not HPV 16/18. The latter causes Cervical cancer


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