Saturday, April 29, 2017

Medicowesome secret project: Let's walk

What is the Earth day secret project about?
We all love to travel, don't we?  But the everyday travel we do to our workplaces and other areas of interest aren't really the kinds of travel  we look forward to. For commuting from one place to another, we often have several options. Personal vehicles,  cabs, the auto walla, public transportation like buses, trains, metros, etc.

In the cities we live according to the distances and availability of various options we choose among these. Just a little imagination that how much if fossil fuel does a city consume in a day? The volume varies from city to city of course but even the per capita consumption varies in these places due to unequal distribution of resources.

Every single day the games which are released in the air make it more unfit for human existence than a day before.

A little effort from our side to reduce these harmful pollutants and avoid unnecessary fossil fuel consumption just for the sake of more luxury is what we can definitely avoid.

Walk to those neighborhood areas where you previously used two wheelers. Car pool or cab pool is a wonderful option available. Trains where available are a better way to get to the destination as they are already the facility being provided to us. It's okay to ask for lift sometimes.

Long drive isn't the only way to keep things romantic. You can instead take a walk and keep the environment more green. A little bit of more than usual walking keeps your heart healthy and adipose tissue to minimum. Public transportation helps you observe humans of all kinds. And since you are not driving, your hands are kept free and you can engage yourself in something of your interest. Helps you have more time at your disposal. So next time you decide to pull out your mopeds or cars for nearby places, encourage yourself to walk down. Let's walk for a greener earth.

-Dr. Shill Pill

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