Thursday, April 20, 2017

Edge of an ulcer : An overview


An overview on how edge of an ulcer appears with characteristic identification features depending on the underlying causes: (SPURE)

Sloping edge - Venous ulcer, also seen in traumatic cases. It is red - purplish in color and consists of new healing epithelium. ( spreading type )

Punched out edge - Arterial and Neuropathic ulcer. Edges are punched out at right angles. ( non spreading type )

Undermined edge - Decubitus and Tuberculous ulcer. It spreads rapidly to destroy the surrounding tissue !!

Rolling back - Basal cell Ca. It is characterised by raised, pearly white beaded edge with central necrotic tissue.

Everted edge - Squamous cell Ca. It is a rapidly growing invasive ulcer with heaped up and everted edges.

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- Jaskunwar Singh


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