Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to draw midbrain sections and lesions (Fun mnemonic diagrams)

Hello everyone!

Brain sections are super hard to remember, I imagine them as monsters and this is how I draw them:

Draw the monsters' eyes:
4 eyes for diagram at the level of the superior colliculus
2 eyes for diagram at the level of the inferior colliculus

A nose for both!

And 2 ears (only for diagram at superior colliculus )

Draw Sharp teeth

Add some hair. And finally label it.

Remembering various lemnisci is tough. Just remember:

MTSL for section at inferior colliculus:
That stands for (Medial to Lateral)
Medial lemniscus
Trigeminal  lemniscus
Spinal lemniscus
Lateral lemniscus

MTS for section at level of  superior colliculus:
That stands for (Medial to Lateral)
Medial lemniscus
Trigeminal  lemniscus
Spinal lemniscus

Now coming to lesions... To memorize them just remember monsters!

Monsters have PAW's that are Big !!

  1. P: Parinaud's Syndrome
  2. A: Argyll-Robertson syndrome
  3. W: Weber's Syndrome
  4. B: Benedikts Syndrome

Memorizing site of lesions is even more easy - Just move dorsal to ventral side (PABW)

  1. Parinaud's Syndrome: Superior Colliculi
  2. Argyll Robertson Syndrome: Pretectal nucleus
  3. Benedikts Syndrome: Tegmentum
  4. Webers Syndrome: Occulomotor nerve nuclei and Corticospinal Fibres
That's all
-Chaitanya Inge


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