Friday, April 28, 2017

Blood Supply And Nerve Supply of the Scalp

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                Today we will discuss blood supply and nerve supply of the scalp. Just too many nerves and arteries out there. But there is a way out.
     First let us talk about nerves.

Nerve Supply:
  1.  Sensory
  2. Motor
Here's the trick
 In front of the auricle we have 4 nerves, and all are branches of trigeminal nerve.They are:
  1. Supratrochlear (Opthalmic division)
  2. Supraorbital  (Opthalmic division)
  3. Zygomaticotemporal (Maxillary division)
  4. Auriculotemporal (Mandibular division)
The remaining 4 are located behind the auricle. They are very simple to remember:
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  1. Great Auricular(C2,C3)
  2. Lesser Occipital(C2)
  3. Greater Occipital(C2)
  4. Third Occipital(C3)
Motor Supply:
In front of auricle: Temporal branch of facial nerve
Behind the auricle: Posterior auricular branch of facial nerve

Nerve supply of the Scalp 

Coming to the  Blood Supply:
  1. Arterial supply:
    1. Supratrochlear
    2. Supraorbital
    3. Superficial Temporal
    4. Posterior Auricular
    5. Occipital

  1. Venous Drainage: Common, thats simple. Names corresponds to arteries.
    • But there's a twist. The superficial temporal along with maxillary vein wants to drain in external as well as internal jugular. So they form retro mandibular vein whose course is pretty clear in diagram.

Blood Supply of the Scalp

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