Monday, April 10, 2017

Medicowesome secret project: Let's talk about seeking help

What is the "Let's talk" project? How can I talk about mental illnesses?
I have come to a conclusion. Whenever you have a slightest feeling that you should seek a psychiatrist, do it. What's the worst that's going to happen? The doctor would say you're fine. No need to worry. But what if some clinically important thing gets diagnosed? You'll thank yourself for the rest of your life to have visited the psychiatrist.

I know social dogma plays a big part in instilling a severe apprehension of consulting psychiatric help. I have one thing to say for it. Its YOUR life. No trivial dogmas have any say in the matters of your ease of life. You must tackle those head on.

People often feel that psychiatric help is needed by the 'weak minded'. Utter nonsense. Having a psychiatric illness is just like having any other disease. You just can't 'shake it off' by sheer willpower alone.

I have been a patient of severe anxiety and OCD myself. It effectively screwed up my high school and 1st year medical school grades. I failed my first year. I actually had never been a bad student throughout my school. Imagine what kind of feelings it brought within me. After seeking help from a doctor, I effectively curbed the anxiety and continued being a good student 2nd year onwards.
Its about time we become aware and make others too on this subject. We simply cannot afford to lose our potential talent to the morbidity and mortality psychiatric illnesses bring.

If we as doctors continue our pursuit of enlightening the common masses on this subject, I guess the day is not very far when psychiatric illnesses are talked as openly as any other illness, when people will come to know any other person is susceptible to them and when there is no silent suffering due to the hush hush over the subject.

Here is hoping for a bright future!

-Sushrut Dongargaonkar

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