Friday, April 21, 2017

Paraneoplastic Dermatoses - Tripe Palm.

Hello everybody,
So from today onwards, I will cover a series of cutaneous manifestations of internal malignancies starting with the first one called Tripe Palm.

               (Image courtesy-Google)

(The palmar ridges are accentuated and resemble to the stomach mucosa of a ruminant-tripe.)

Tripe palm (also known as acanthosis palmaris and acquired pachydermatoglyphia) is a velvety thickening of the palms with a ridged or rugose appearance.

The term is derived from its resemblance to the stomach mucosa of ruminants (tripe).

It is associated with gastric or lung cancer.

In some cases, tripe palm is the initial presenting feature of the underlying malignancy.

Improvement of tripe palm occurrs in one-third of patients after beginning treatment for malignancy.

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