Monday, May 1, 2017

Authors' diary: Jas a year


Our admin and author, Jaskunwar Singh, completed 1 year of writing with Medicowesome today :D
(Though he has been with us since 2015 when we started the Whatsapp study groups)

You can check out his first post here, written on 1st May 2016! He has written about a 100 posts since then!

Vitamin D, Alzheimers and migraines are his favorite topics to write about (I am jas guessing! xD )
(But really, look at the amount of posts on these topics: Caffeine in Migraine!The basics: MigraineMigraine Research updatesFacts and Fallacies: Almonds for MigraineMigraines linked to Vitamin D deficiencyVitamin D in Type - 2 Diabetes MellitusVitamin D and multiple sclerosisZika virus infection and the AlzheimersAlzhiemers due to infections?Hypercholesterolemia and the Alzheimer's diseaseTreatment of cholesterol-induced Alzheimer's)

What I like most about his writing is that it covers recent research aspects Ketamine - A new antidepressant!! and many more) He not only covers the information we already know, but also the new advances that is being researched and the knowledge we are yet to discover. I absolutely love it!

I would clearly write a strong letter of recommendation for him someday :P

I also likes that he works hard. He's helped me out in a TON of Medicowesome work (without even me asking for it!) including broadcasts, contents page updating, editing new authors drafts, adding new awesomites to the study groups etc.

He's so passionate about blogging. We have had looong discussions on - What can we do different? How do we make the blog better? They've helped Medicowesome a lot!

So here I am, clearly acknowledging him for his amazing work today. Keep up the awesome work! =)

Happy anniversary at Medicowesome Jas! I hope you stay with us as an author for the next 100 years to come :D


  1. I really have no words to thank you for such an honor, sis. You have always motivated me to write and inspired many awesomites like me. The best thing about this blog is that the medicos from all around the world follow and learn a lot through such an amazing platform. Writing to help them all is what I am passionate about !! Again thank you very much and yes, I am and always will contribute to this site as a permanent author and much more :)


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