Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bankart's and Hill Sach's lesion mnemonic

These two lesions occuring in relation with shoulder dislocation can stump someone if asked in an MCQ as to which lesion is specifically related to which structure.

Remember the sentence-

" Sacks of money are deposited in a bank"

In a similar way, the head of humerus is 'deposited' (articulates within) the glenoid cavity.

Hill Sach's lesion occurs on the humeral head.
Bankart's lesion occurs on the anterior glenoid labrum.

Now, how to remember whether is it the anterior or the posterior labrum?
Remember that anterior dislocation of the humeral head is the commonest occurence. That will leave no confusion.

That's all!

-Sushrut Dongargaonkar

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