Monday, May 8, 2017

Episiotomy indications : Mnemonic

Hi everyone.
Posted in Ob-Gyn now. Let's just say it's not a lot of fun looking at diseased hoo-hoo's.
Just kidding.

Here's a Mnemonic for the absolute indications of Episiotomy.

Remember : PPPP

1. Perineum is rigid
2. Perineum has been operated on. (For Prolapse, stress urinary incontinence , etc)
3. Procedures are to be used. (Like Ventouse or Forceps)
4. Position / Presentation are abnormal. (Like Breech , face to pubis, shoulder dystocia , macrosomia)

The other indications which are non-absolute include :
- Maternal exhaustion
- Preterm/ post mature baby
- Trial of labour.

So I hope this didn't tear you up. (Pun intended).
Happy studying !
Stay awesome.
~ A.P.Burkholderia

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