Monday, May 8, 2017

Felix and Dreyer's tube mnemonic

The tubes used for serological diagnosis of typhoid are frequently asked and it takes many bungling to get the answer right. Here's a mnemonic which may come handy-

1. Felix tube- Short round bottomed which detects the 'O' antigen.
Remember the round bottom and round shape of the letter 'O'.

2. Dreyer's tube- Narrow, conical bottomed one which detects the 'H' antigen
Deserts are 'dry' and pyramids, which resemble cones are in the deserts of Egypt. Hence, conical bottomed Dreyer's tube. The letter 'H' is not round, so, it is this antigen which this tube detects.

Revise this mnemonic more than once so you get it clearly what's what.

-Sushrut Dongargaonkar

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