Sunday, June 18, 2017

Croup : Review of key points

Here's a short Mnemonic/Review of Important facts about Croup - Acute Tracheobronchitis !

Remember :

C - Common respiratory disease
R - Respiratory viruses like Parainfluenza
O - Oxygen Treatment (Humidified)
U - Ugly Cough - Barking / Seal like cough
P - Prodrome of illness followed by Inspiratory Stridor
S - Steeple sign on X Ray

It's helpful to remember Acute EPIGLOTTITIS as the complete opposite of CROUPS using similar ideas.

- Not as common.
- Caused by Bacteria generally (Strep , Hib)
- Oxygen Therapy + AntiBiotics
- Ugly - Sniffing dog like position + Drooling
- Prodrome not particularly, but Stormy acute onset.
- Shows Thumb print appearance on X Ray.

Hope this helped !
Happy Studying !
Stay awesome.

~ A.P.Burkholderia

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