Sunday, June 18, 2017

Diaphragmatic hernia : Mnemonic and Review

Here's a short post on the key points about Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

So there's deficiency in the diaphragm during development causing abdominal contents to budge into the Thorax.

There are 2 main types -->

1. Bochdalek.

2. Morgagni.

Now out of these 2, Bochdalek is commoner.
(It's hard to remember the word Bochdalek. I struggle with it every day. )

You can memorize it by realising that it rhymes with ' Scotch da Lake '
(Which means a lake of scotch in Punjabi)

Key points about Bochdalek -

- Back  - Located posteriorly
- Big - Bigger than the Morgagni form
- Bad - Poor prognosis
- Bag and Mask Contra indicated. 

Also realise - Bochdalek
So it's got an L in it. L = Left. So it's more common on the left side. These hernia classically cause a scaphoid abdomen and Mediastinal shift to the opposite side.

Morgagni can be remembered by the opposite of the BBB
So it's
- Not on the back - Anteriorly
- Not Big - Small sized.
- Not as Bad - Prognosis is alright.

Also realise - Morgagni
It's got an R in it = Right. So it's more common on the right side. And it contains the Transverse colon generally.

So that's all !
Happy studying! 
Stay awesome !

~ A.P.Burkholderia 

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