Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Differentials of lower limb ulceration: Venous, arterial or neuropathic?


Q. Today, in our OPD, a 45 year old diabetic Male, farmer by profession presented with an ulcer on left lateral malleolus.
He had a history of edema in lower limb associated with an itching 2 years ago. Since 6 months he got a non-healing ulcer on left lateral malleolus.

On examination:-
Pigmentation of skin, eczema lipodermatosclerosis, atrophied Blanche are present and dilated veins on the medial aspect of left lower limb.

My question is how to differentiate whether the ulcer is due to neuropathy, venous stasis or obliteration of artery.

Why do the above doubt arise?
Because venous ulcer are commonly found at the lower third of the leg usually on the medial side and even on the foot.


(I) to rule out neuropathy,
1. Ask whether he feel the ground and pebble while walking barefoot
2. Test for the pain sensation, whether it is intact or not.

(II) Venous ulcer have characteristic findings. History is utmost important. They are shallow and flat. The edge is sloping and purple blue color.
The floor: - appears pink due to presence of granulation tissue. If it is a chronic ulcer there is more white fibrous tissue. Most important is A FAINT BLUE RIM of advancing epithelium may be seen at the margin.

(III) To check for arterial obliteration

1. Feel the dorsal pedis pulsation.
2. Ask for claudication also.

Conclusion: - It was venous ulcer.

Then why did it appear on the lateral side? Remember! On inspection dilated veins were found on the medial side.

Before answering the above question. Let us ask why is it most common on medial side?

There are more perforating veins on the medial side means more pressure in that area. But that doesn't mean lateral side is spared .There is some rise in pressure on lateral side also. The only thing that precipitated this was “Trauma”. Due to more itching on lateral side, he traumatised that area .It was initially small in size, non-healing ulcer which is gradually increasing in the size.

Found this great article on the lower limb ulcers.

Take care:)
-Upasana Y.

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