Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rhinolalia Aperta

Rhinolalia Aperta is a speech disorder which involves hypernasality in voice.
The defect is seen in the failure of the nasopharynx to cut off from oropharynx.

Some fibres of palatopharyngeus muscle make the posterior pillar, go posteriorly in the posterior wall of nasopharynx and along with the lower fibres of the superior constrictor muscle forms a ridge known as the Passavant's Ridge

During swallowing and speaking the passavant's ridge closes the nasopharyngeal isthmus.
When this doesn't happen (eg- cleft lip, paralysis of palate) it leads to nasal regurgitation of food and nasal tone in speech known as Rhinolalia Aperta.


1. In children with cleft palate, special exercises can help in strengthening the muscles so as to reduce the nasality in voice.

2. Surgery- Posterior Pharyngeal Flap
                   Sphincter Pharyngeoplasty

Hope this helps!
Ashita Kohli 

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