Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flexion Tear Drop Fracture

Hello guys!

Here's a short description on Flexion Tear Drop Fracture and its radiological findings.
It typically occurs from severe flexion and compression forces, most commonly at C5-C6 (diving head first, motor vehicle collision deceleration).

Radiographic features -

1. Sagittal fracture through the vertebral body.
2. Fracture of the anteroinferior vertebral body (Tear Drop Sign)
3. Loss of anterior height of the vertebral body -Cervical kyphosis.
4. Posterior cervical displacement above the level of injury.
5. Widening of interspinous processes.
6. Intervertebral disc space narrowing.
7. Disruption of the spinolaminar line.
8. Vertebral body rotation with an AP diameter that appears smaller than on other levels.
9. Anterior dislocation of the facet joints.

That's all! 

Thank you.
MD Mobarak Hussain (Maahii) 

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