Sunday, July 30, 2017

Image Based MCQ on Shoulder Dystocia

Hello awesomites!
Yesterday we posted an Image based MCQ on Shoulder Dystocia.
And as promised here is the answer.

Q. The image given below represents:

A. Mc Roberts maneuver
B. Woods corkscrew maneuver
C. Cleidotomy
D. Zavanelli maneuver

The correct answer is A.
The given image shows Mc Roberts maneuver.

All of the above mentioned maneuvers are used for management of shoulder dystocia.

Mc Roberts maneuver:
In this maneuver, legs of the mother will be abducted and flexed against the abdomen. It causes cephalic rotation of the pelvis. Along with this gentle suprapubic pressure is applied by the assistant.

MD Mobarak Hussain  (Maahii)

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