Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cushing Ulcers : An overview

Hi Everyone ! Here's a short post on Cushing and Curling ulcers.

For Cushing Ulcers you need to remember these key points :

U - Ulcerating - can even perforate.
S - Stomach
H - Head injury induced Stress Ulcer
I   - lNcreased
GGastric Acid secretion.

Stress ulcers are typically non ulcerative superficial erosions  of the gastric mucosa.
They occur when a person is subjected to physical stress in the form of Trauma, Sepsis, Burns, Hemorrhage among many others.
Psychological stress doesn't cause 'Stress ulcers' , although it does pre dispose to getting Peptic Ulcer Disease on its own accord. All the same, it doesn't cause 'Stress ulcer'.

Cushing ulcers are type of stress ulcers occuring secondary to Head injury. They occur in the stomach  commonly , and  are associated with increased Gastric acid secretion. They are typically erosive and ulcerative , more likely to perforate than other stress ulcers.

Another named stress ulcer is Curling Ulcer occuring secondary to Burns. They occur in the 1st part of duodenum  commonly , and  are NOT associated with increased Gastric acid secretion.

Presentation :
Painless upper GI bleeding within 1-2 days of traumatic event.
Usually slow and intermittent bleeding.

Diagnosis :
(More to rule out other causes of GI bleed rather than ruling this in).

Treatment :

- Treat underlying causes.
- Fluids
-  Gastric pH to be maintained > 5  (using PPI like Pantoprazole)
- If lot of bleeding - Ligation of vessel at base of ulcer.

That's all!
Happy studying !
Stay awesome !

~ A.P.Burkholderia

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