Sunday, August 13, 2017

Diagnostic features in the X-ray and probable pathology in the Sinus

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1. Haziness of sinuses only :- Sinusitis
2. Bony expansion without erosion :- Benign tumefaction e.g Polyposis
3. Decreased air shadow in nasal cavity without bony expansion :- Hypertrophic rhinitis
4. Bony erosion with expansion :- Malignancy
5. Bony defect without expansion of haziness :- Surgically induced (Iatrogenic) or fracture
6. Fluid level in maxillary sinus :- Sinusitis with pus signifying acute bacterial maxillary sinusitis

This question was asked to me by my friend and it was fun to find the answer.
(Source :-Otolaryngology at the eleventh hour By Anupam Mishra)

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