Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Image Based MCQ on ENT instruments

Hello guys!
Yesterday we posted an Image based MCQ on ENT instruments.
And here's the answer for it.
Q. The instrument shown in the above image is used in?

A. Thyroidectomy
B. Adenoidectomy
C. Tonsillectomy
D. Parathyroidectomy
Ans: c) Tonsillectomy
The instrument shown in the above image is Eve’s Tonsillar Snare, used in tonsillectomy.
Identification of the Instrument:
It consists of a long, thin, hollow tube with a stainless steel wire loop at one end which has Ratchet action. The other end has three large rings. These three rings allow the instrument to be operated using three fingers.
It is used to snare the lower pole of Tonsil at the end of dissection. Advantage of using the snare to resect the tonsil is to minimize the bleeding by crushing the vascular pedicle, not cutting unlike scissors.
The instrument is held by inserting the forefinger and the middle finger into two rings on either side of the snare.The thumb is placed in the single ring at the back. This ring is actually located at the end of the plunger. Pulling the plunger with the thumb draws out the wire loop while it can be pulled back in by pressing the plunger with the thumb. The wire loop is first threaded over the Denis Browne tonsil holding forceps. The dissected tonsil is then held with the forceps and the wire loop moved over it until it surrounds the pedicle of the tonsil. The thumb is then pressed down to draw back the loop. The pedicle of the tonsil is crushedby this movement.
That's all!
Thank you.
MD Mobarak Hussain (Maahii)

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