Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Medicollabowesome: What is HIV PrEP and PEP?

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Hey guys, Jay here! Today as a part of our Medicollabowesome project we will discuss about PrEP and PEP.

PrEP is Pre ExPosure prophylaxis while PEP is Post Exposure Prophylaxis. I think you already understand what they are by their terminology.

So let me put them in a table for easy understanding.

Given BEFORE the exposure to HIV to PREVENT getting infected to very high risky people, yet still HIV negative.
Given AFTER the exposure with a suspected HIV infected person, to avoid HIV from multiplying in the body
Have to take every day, same time without stopping, if the partner is HIV positive
Have to take within 48hrs(72hrs UK guidelines) exposure with a suspected HIV positive person and is a shorter course(Every day same time for 4 weeks)
Needs at least 7 days of usage to reach optimal level as receptive anal sex, and 20 days for vaginal sex, insertive anal sex and oral sex.
Must be started as soon as possible within hours of contact with an HIV infected or suspected person to gain optimal advantage.
Needs strong adherence for every single day during the intimate relationship of an HIV infected person
Emergency HIV prophylaxis treatment
Should be HIV negative
Should also be HIV negative (If positive ART is the therapy)
This is a daily habitual medication
This is an eventual medication taken at specific events of exposure.
Emtricitabine and Tenofovir (TRUVADA)
Emtricitabine, Tenofovir and Raltegravir

1.       Usually one should take PrEP if their mutual monogamous partner is HIV positive or one isn’t in a monogamous partner. Taking PrEP doesn’t stop one from using condoms, because PrEP doesn’t give safety against other STDs which condoms provide protection from.
2.       Usage of Proper condoms and PrEP can reduce the HIV infection to a person almost by >90%.
3.       Serodiscordant couples’ seronegative partner should definitely use PrEP longterm.

1.      Use PEP if you suddenly had a sexual encounter with someone whose HIV status you have no idea or who you are sure about having HIV.
2.      Emergency administration is required. That is a very short blog on PrEP and PEP. If you have any question, or wanna point out a mistake please comment below. Thanks J

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