Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Medicowesome secret project: Addictions

What is the secret project? How can I participate?
Written by: Palash Asawa
Passion: Poetry

“Hey! How have you been? 
Didn't see you in a long while!” 
"Hey, I am okay, just trudging along
The cold path you deserted me on
I don thick coats to tackle
The pressure you have left me under
My will is wavering and flickering 
Like the glow of the cancer sticks
You love to burn like it's your future
I have my arms wide open for you 
I will conform to accept your ways
For till I survive I'll always have a room for you
Even if counted are your days” 
And so he disappeared in thin air,
The shivering faithful heart.

“Hey, you look familiar, have we met before?” 
“Yes dear friend” , they coughed in unison! 
The twins who were blush pink before 
“Our vision is muddled by the poison you gave us
But we still can see your catastrophic fate
For we are the ones who write your future
And' HE' is the one who dictates 
We mutate and mutate but you don't hesitate 
Even the ear pricking eavesdropper hear us crepitate
We'll make sure to fight till our last breath
To keep you alive, for you have been our TRUE mate! "

“You have grown fatter, haven't you? I giggled!” 
“Thanks to your unattainable satiety” , he quivered 
“I told you I did not like the smell of liquor 
But under peer pressure, I budged much quicker. 
I was supposed to be your energy, your saviour 
But now I am just a reservoir of your hidden sins
Sins that you confide in me to cleanse your soul
But honey, now I reek stench of your filth. 
No more sugar for you, all I am left with is bitter,
Bitter like your truth, sweeter than your past." 
Bemoaned the once voluptuous liver.

Sorry ! sorry ! sorry !  I beg forgiveness ! 
I let my demons vandalize your innocent souls.
I was engulfed by the greed of love and compassion,
And lust for the rush of pleasure and escapism, 
Dopamine is the one who kept a tight rein on me. 
Now its all grim like the silence before a cyclone. 
I trailed on a path of self destruction 
For it seemed cooler than life's scorching heat
I am wide awake now, no more nightmares, 
I contemplate, act, terminate, and repeat.

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