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Corpus Callosum - Let's connect

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Let's talk about the largest connective pathway in the brain, the Corpus Callosum that is made up of more than 200 million nerve fibres, connecting our left brain to the right.

The formation of this C - shaped structure commences between 12 to 16 weeks of intra uterine life and development continues till adolescence.

Disruptions to the development may occur at any stage due to -
- Prenatal infections ( TORCH, viral infections, TB etc )
- Genetic abnormalities such as Andermann or Aicardi syndrome
- Toxic metabolic abnormalities such as Fetal alcohol syndrome
- Benign cyst in the brain.

Agenesis of corpus callosum - Complete absence may cause the child unable to achieve basic developmental milestones such as walking or talking and may be blind or deaf !!

It is usually associated with other abnormalities such as Hydrocephalus, Arnold - Chiari syndrome, deep clefts or cysts in brain tissue, failure of forebrain to divide into lobes, and disorders of neural migration.

Agenesis can also occur in conjunction with spina bifida.

Common features of disorders a/w agenesis of CC :

1. Physical
- visual and aural impairment
- low muscle tone
- seizures
- sleeping problems
- abnormal head and facial features
- difficulty in feeding
- chronic constipation

2. Cognitive
- difficulty with problem solving and complex tasks
- problems reading facial expressions of voice tone
- lack of ability of risk assessment
- difficulty understanding abstract concepts, slang/ sarcasm, emotions.
- giving untrue information but believing it is true.

3. Development
- basic milestone delay
- delay in speech and language acquisition
- clumsiness and poor coordination
- delayed toilet training.

4. Social and behavioural
- social immaturity
- lack of self awareness
- problems understanding other's perspective
- inattentiveness
- Hyperactivity
- Lack of fear
- Obsessive/ Compulsive behaviour.

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- Jaskunwar Singh.

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