Friday, October 13, 2017

House MD - Neurocysticerosis

Well, the post is from Author's diary. So read it when you are free.

Story time.

"Roll no 33, tell me how is Neurocysticerocis formed?" Asked our microbiology professor and ordered me-roll no 34 to be ready with my answer for the same. This happened during my preliminary viva. Microbiology was my last viva. This was my last moment with vivas, after this, awaited the exotic diwali vacations!! ( Rather PLs)

Roll no 33 started answering the question. However, she was wrong. Sir interrupted her and said, "I need the mechanism, not life-cycle! ".

He turned towards me and asked the same.Till this time I was in a delusion that neurocysticerocis is formed because larvae get an access to systemic circulation and end up infecting the brain!!
I was more than wrong! I got a deduction in my marks obviously.

Nevertheless, I was happy with "The End of viva".
Well, I tried to find out the mechanism of neurocysticerocis in my free time but I was not able to find it in any of the books.

So, vivas were over and I was free. I started watching the remaining episodes of "House MD. After coming home, I realized that I forgot to install the remaining episodes of House MD :(

I had season 1, so I preferred re-watching it.
Season 1 - Episode 1 - Pilot.

Guess what!!!!?
I found my viva answer of neurocysticerocis in my favourite series. Dude how can I miss this?!

So House explain's neurocysticerocis as follows:

"In a typical case, if you don't cook pork well enough, you digest live tapeworm larvae. They have  got these little hooks, they grab on your bowel, live,  grow up and reproduce.Tapeworm can produce 20,000-30,000 eggs which go out in excretion but not all of them. Unlike the larvae, eggs can pass through the walls of intestine and enter the circulation. Obviously, blood goes everywhere. As long as, it's healthy, your immune system doesn't even know it’s existence. The worm builds a wall, uses its  secretions to shut down immune system and control fluid flow. It’s really very beautiful. As it dies, this parasite loses it's ability to control the immune system. Immune system wakes up, starts attacking the worm and everything starts swelling up."

After this episode I realized I am a big moron and I haven't watched House MD with my utmost dedication. So, I am
re-watching it now :D

Everybody lies!!

Good - bye!

--Demotional bloke.

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