Thursday, January 25, 2018

Arterial Supply of the Head & Neck in a Nutshell!

Helloooo everyone!!

Here’s some mnemonic I created myself for the branches of external carotid artery and the branches of facial artery. To memorize the name of the branches of external carotid artery, you just need to....
know the place that the artery supplies and you will know the name of the artery!

Max’s Phone On The F L A T

Branches of External Carotid Artery
1. Maxillary Artery
2.  Ascending Pharyngeal Artery
3. Occipital Artery
4. Superficial Temporal Artery
5. Facial Artery – This artery is tortuous in its course
6. Lingual Artery
7. Posterior Auricular Artery
8. Superior Thyroid Artery 

1 S A N  2 Leg - There’s one “Sun” and two “Leg”

 Branches of Facial Artery
1. Submental Artery
2. Angular Artery
3. Lateral Nasal Artery
4. Superior Labial Artery
5. Inferior Labial Artery 
Blood Supply of  the Face and Neck (Branches of External Carotid Artery & Branches of Facial Artery)

Hope it helps!
P.S: Credits to my awesome twin sisters (Jaymee & Jaycee) for contributing in the drawing!

Calvin Ong K. Y.

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  1. Branches of External Carotid Artery POMFLATT sounds like pamphlet


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