Thursday, January 25, 2018

IV cannula color code and size mnemonic

IV cannula color code and size mnemonic

Here is  an interesting way of remembering the colors of the IV cannulas that I found in the comments section of Quora. Hope it  is helpful!

We start from gauge size number 14 upto gauge size number 24.

All we have to do is remember the layers of the earth from the core right upto the sun.

1) Core of the earth is the innermost layer which is orange - number 14
2) Layer of clay which is grey - number 16
3) Layer of grass which is green - number 18
4) Flowers which are pink - number 20
5) The blue sky - number 22
6) The sun which is yellow- number 24
7) Beyond the Earth is the galaxy which is purple / violet - number 26

This mnemonic was written by our Medical Student Guest Author, Daksh Mehta!


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