Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mnemonic for the Ascending tracts & Descending tracts in Spinal Cord

Hiiiii everyone, it’s mnemonic time again! From the title, I guess you all know what it is about… I had a hard time memorizing these tracts so I created this mnemonic to help you guys out!

he drove a honda CRV TO disneyland.

Corticospinal tract (Lateral & Anterior)
Rubrospinal tract
Vestibulospinal tract
Tectospinal tract
Olivospinal tract

**Disneyland = Descending. Hence, this mnemonic is for the descending tract
**Since it’s a descending pathway, so all the fibers will travel to spinal cord from their origins. Therefore, just add “spinal” after each word (e.g. …spinal tract)
**Don’t forget that there’s lateral and anterior for Corticospinal tract. Honda CRV from Los Angeles maybe? Hahahah :3

That Los Angeles STudent went up to stage and SCream using the PA system because he got a Freaking Cool First Grade result.

STSpinoThalamic tract (Lateral & Anterior)
SCSpinoCerebellar tract (Posterior & Anterior)
FCFasciculus Cuneatus
FGFasciculus Gracilus

**Went up = Ascending. Hence, this mnemonic is for the ascending tract
**Los Angeles for STudent ; PA for SCream
**In addition, if you follow the order of FC and FG, it actually matches with the position of them from left to right in the spinal cord and mirror reflect them. (FC àFG à FG à FC)

Please comment if you have a better mnemonic! Let’s share our mnemonics ^.^
-Calvin Ong K. Y.


  1. Oh my god, thank you so much!! I really needed this!!

  2. Mind-blowing effort ,keep moving

  3. It doesn't include spinovestibular, spinoolivary, spino reticular, and spinitectal tracts😒

    1. it does, from the first mnemonic :)

  4. Start- LA -Science- PA -Football Club -For Guys.


  5. Thank you so much!!now i can remember ALL their names💕💕

  6. Thank you sir ☺️☺️☺️


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