Saturday, January 27, 2018

Autonomic neuropathy in diabetes mnemonic

Autonomic neuropathy in diabetes mnemonic

Hi everyone! This is one of the longest mnemonic in my sleeve.

I made this one up because it comprises a group of bizzare symptoms which we seldom relate to diabetes and take less notice of. These symptoms are indications of poor glycemic control.

The mnemonic is, 'AUTONOMIC NEUROPATHY' itself:

A - Abdominal fullness
U - Urinary incontinence
T - Tachycardia (Resting)
O - Oesophageal atony (Dysphagia)
N - Nocturnal sweats
O - Oedema (dependent)
M - Micturition delayed
I - Infection
C - Constipation

N - Nocturnal diarrhoea
E - Erectile dysfunction
U - Uncontrolled glycaemia
R - Retrograde ejaculation
O -
P - Pupillary signs (pupil size decreases, delayed or absent reflexes)
A - anhidrosis
T - Temperature (cold feet)
HY - Hypotension (postural)

This mnemonic was written by our Medical Student Guest Author, Nikhil

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