Sunday, February 4, 2018

Maxillary Artery notes

Hello Friends! This is Anisha :))

Maxillary artery is divided into three branches. Again, each branch is subdivided. 

We also have to learn their course which is very confusing and we forget it during our exam :( 

So, I came up with an easy way to learn it. I decided that I will show the course of the artery in form of a diagram ( you will get more marks! ) and write down what it supplies. 

I hope my notes will help you :)) All the best


  1. Thankyou so much Anisha...

    Farrukh Iqbal from Pakistan.

  2. Good job, Anisha. Keep it up!

    Just to add, third part of maxillary artery gives an infra-orbital branch, and there's this descending palatine branch that gives rise to greater and lesser palatine sub-branches. I think you missed 2nd point in the 'third part' section of your notes.

  3. can u give notes for infraorbital artery


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