Friday, March 16, 2018

Authors diary: Octopus and tyrosinase

Hey everyone!

Here's another way I study - when I am looking up cool things in other creatures, I compare it to the human body. It's fun!

Also, I have an octopus video that I shot at the Georgia Aquarium to see at the end of the post!!!!

So I was reading that the octopus has a secret weapon: ink. An ink sac is located near its digestive system, and when necessary, the octopus can eject ink out of the sac along with a burst of water from the funnel. The combination creates a black cloud. The octopus can shoot the ink out in little blobs that serve as decoys, or it can shoot it out in one big mass to obscure a quick getaway. To top it off, the ink contains tyrosinase, a compound that impairs smell and taste, which further confuses the predator.

Tyrosinase? *_*

Which disease is caused by tyrosinase deficiency in humans? Mnemonic here if you forgot.

Other cool things: They have 8 arms (if they had to multitask, they would do it better than you!), they have 3 hearts and almost no skeleton. The only hard part of the octopus is it's beak so they can squeeze through anything which is larger than it's beak!

Well, you can read soooo much more about these fascinating creatures on the internet. I just got excited about the tyrosinase part xD

That's all!


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