Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pursuing ophthalmology in India

Since my mom first introduced me to the slit lamp view of the eye and dad to the indirect ophthalmoscopy, I developed a liking for ophthalmology. The magnified view of the eye through the slit lamp just looks 'oh so beautiful' and it's such a fun challenge to master indirect ophthalmoscopy- I didn't think much in the counselling room while 'locking' the MS Oph option. Also, the fact that you have to work with all the cool gadgets and gizmos, lasers and stuff made me incline towards it.

Ophthalmology is a mutifaceted branch. Those who are into diagnostics and literature get their own share as well as those who want to take matters into their own hands and like to cut,paste, and remove things. The puzzle of diagnosis and the thrill of surgery, both can be had here.

Though not as demanding as general medicine or surgery, ophthalmic surgeries like cataract have a steep learning curve,a personal opinion of mine. But when you make sure that all the things fall into places rightly, it is highly satisfying an experience. The patient's smile the next day when they see clearly feels so good to the heart.

Experience in residency varies per college. I for one am happy with mine. I have done a few basic surgeries like pterygium and dacryocystectomy independently but under supervision during my  first year itself. Currently, I'm working on tunnel making in cataract surgery.
I have seen a lot of interesting cases of lids, cornea, and the fundus.
At times though, performing sac syringing of every pre op patient and filling up of discharge cards of the post op patients makes me go meh. But this is just nitpicking, I have a fair idea about the extreme workload of redundant stuff in other colleges.

After passing out, there are many fellowship programs offered by institutions. Getting a fellowship done is sort of a norm nowdays.

As mentioned before, this is an investment intensive branch, one needs to continually upgrade their machines and bring in new ones
if interested in establishing a privately owned set up. A job in an institution can be an option but things may get pushy or so I've heard.

Summing it up, this is like a cute little baby who is rather tough to please, but when you get it right, the smile is priceless.

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