Monday, March 26, 2018

USMLE Mentorship

Hey there. How's it going? So I had this idea of compartmentalizing mentorship for different phases of USMLE.

Normally, what happens is a person asks questions which aren't very specific to a particular phase, and ends up annoying the opposite person.

So what if we divide usmle into 3 steps as they already are, also about paper work, electives, observerships, lodging boarding in different parts of USA, and make a list of people  specific to each step who want to help and provide mentorship. This way many people who are looking to give back to this process, have a chance of passing on the kindness.

So if you are done with any of the steps or want to provide mentorship for any of the things listed above, or have a thing that should be added to the list, send us your name and which part of the process you would like to help with. This way there can be more focused distribution of knowledge and mentorship.

People willing to help, send us your details. If we have enough people willing to volunteer, we can grow this thing into something really helpful. Depending on the number of  responses of volunteers, we will take this thing forward.

Leave your ideas and suggestions, if you have any. Thanks for reading.

If you are willing to help - email me at with "USMLE Mentor" in the subject.

If you have IkaNs number on Whatsapp, contact her.


  1. Ikan, would you still be handling the blog and be responding to mails/messages? We have no replacement for you :(

    1. I don't know how much I'll be able to during residency :(

      But I'll definitely try to :)
      In the mean time, other awesome authors will take over <3

  2. This is really a wonderful initiative. What an idea! It seems like a legacy.All the best. :) 👍


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