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Here's a quick review on the topic Euthanasia, a collection of asked MCQs on euthanasia.


Mercy killing or Assisted suicide
Physician assisted suicide is legal in some States of the US
Painless killing of a person who is suffering from incurable disease, senility, permanent damage to the brain which cannot be repaired or cured
Legally permitted in: USA, Uruguay, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, Nether lands
Not legalized in India


Active (Positive)euthanasia-
Act of commission
Death induced by direct/indirect action
legal in Netherlands and Belgium
E.g. giving large dose of a drug that hastens death

Passive (Negative)euthanasia-
Act of omission
No specific medicine or life supporting measures given
Death induced by discontinuation of life sustaining measures
legal in India
E.g. stopping heart lung machines in a severely defective new born, disconnecting ventilator in a brain dead patient

Voluntary euthanasia-
Euthanasia induced at the will of an individual by his request
A patient suffering from an incurable disease requesting the doctor to terminate his life

In/Non voluntary euthanasia-
Induced in patients who are unable to express their wishes
E.g. a person with irreversible coma or a severely defective infant
Paternalism - abuse of medical knowledge so as to distort the doctor-patient relationship in such a way that the patient is deprived of his ability to take rational choice.

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