Tuesday, April 3, 2018

About me

Hey Medicowesomites :D 

I have been posting here since some time and I would like to introduce myself

I am Murad Almasri from Palestine, I finished my med school in Egypt then did my USMLEs (step 3 left though) and will start my residency in Pediatrics in the US soon  :)

I am a positive person and I always like to know more and more ...it's just like eating information 
I believe in sth called "encyclopedial knowledge"..try to know everything about everything.

 I love making mnemonics and collecting them, I think I've been doing that since high school maybe even before that and this helped me tremendously in the USMLEs.

 I like reading books especially novels - I am a big Harry Potter fan ^_^ .
I also like video games ( I sometimes ask myself who doesn’t :D ?) and of course moviesssss 

 Learning new languages is a passion for me too, I already know a few.

 Good luck Medicowesomites and enjoy this amaaaaaazing website :)



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