Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Medicowesome dentistry study group on Whatsapp

Hello everybody!

Inspired by the medical students study group, we decided to create a dentistry Whatsapp study group for dental students and we are really excited!

This idea is by one of our dentistry authors, Anisha and she'll be handling the group.

What's the study group for?
A bunch of dental students from all over the world, discussing study related concepts!
You may share your experiences, what you studied today, ask interesting questions to help other people learn or simply revise, ask doubts about things you don't understand, answer other people or just tell a fact you learnt that fascinates you.
We learn something new on a daily basis <3

How do I sign up for the group?
All you've got to do is message me your number. You can email me at with "Dental study group" in the subject.
Important: Make sure you include your proper country code when you email me your number. (Otherwise your number won't be displayed in my Whatsapp list and I might miss you out!)
After you have emailed me your number, you'll receive instructions from us.

Remember, this group is for dental students only!


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