Wednesday, April 11, 2018

USMLEowesome: Introduction


What is USMLEowesome about?
A video series for those thinking or aiming for a residency in the United States.

Who is the intended audience?
Those who are new to the USMLE journey.

This video will also cover a little bit about me (IkaN) & an overview of the USMLE journey with my timeline.

My timeline in short:

Started med school in 2010
Step 1 in May 2014 (final year)
2015??? - Rethinking my life :P
Electives in Jan-April 2016 (internship end)
Step 2 CS in April 2016
Graduated in Dec 2016
Step 2 CK in July 2017
Applied for the match in September 2017
Step 3 in Dec 2017
Matched in March 2018
Internal medicine residency begins in July 2018 Insha Allah



  1. Thank you so much Ikan,for starting this video series! It was much needed,since,as you said, there's no SINGLE place where you can find legit information from someone who has been through the process. I personally find your timeline ideal, since you have some clinical background, courtesy,our normal MBBS,before giving step 1,and it's spaced properly too. What would be ideal if someone's decided late and is going to take the exam in internship? Ideal, in the sense saving as much time and money. Say we give it in early internship,by April/ may and max by June we apply for electives for Jan/Feb, are there chances to get elected? Or then what?

    Also, I am a newbie, in final year now and have the cliche questions in mind, which would be best if you could cover in your next video so that I pester you all less:p -
    1.Where do you get access to Kaplan videos,notes,brj,pathoma,gojilan audios and uworld? If I were to independently search it out for the least price, where will I find it?
    2.Now,time is among the most irritating question to ask, I know. 6-7 months is what most people require. Can you like tell by dividing what to do in which revision, like first 2-3 months, the first basic reading, what to do in that and like wise. Also like considering the predictive time, say Kaplan videos run time is 210 hours,so like wise.
    3. Your method of studying and tackling questions
    4. Exam day strategy
    5. When to consider that you are ready for the exam,as in what should be the mock test scores
    6.Application process
    7. Any suggestions as to how do people score exceptional marks, 250+
    That's all I can think of, most of which are cliches.
    8 questions in allall
    Anyth else over this is always a bonus for us :)
    More and more questions coming from me, for every post, because I know you are the best and have huge tolerance and I can't even think of you not being available once you're residency starts
    Love and e-hugs :*

    1. you can find everything on YouTube.

    2. No problem, Anonymous :)

      If you give step 1 in early internship and apply for electives for Jan/Feb in April or May, you may get selected... If not, extend internship.

      1. Telegram. Text me on telegram/Whatsapp or email

      2. Will be covered in the third video - though I think you should focus on solving questions rather than watching videos.

      3. Will be covered in the third video

      4. Will be covered in the third video

      5. Will be covered in the third video

      6. Already on the website:

      7. Already on the website:

      8. Hahaha cool, looking forward to all the questions :)



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