Thursday, April 19, 2018

Medicowesome secret project: Calcified hearts

What is the secret project? How can I participate?
Name: Anshika Singh
Passion: Poetry

They cheer for the bravehearts,
Spin poetry about a heart of gold
But know nothing about what lies
Between cold cracks of a heart of stone

Unbeknownst to when it got this way
Hardened over time, some say
Sometimes dystrophic
Sometimes metastatic

Doesn╩╝t really matter, I secretly claim
Because a calcium is a calcium by any other name!
Soon a reputation of being stenosed fits
Why even resist, might as well act like it
Long time before anyone finds out
Aortic or Mitral? Kids will always be in doubt
Some echo, some replacement,
some procedures of valvuloplasty occurred.
Beeping monitors, hushed pros, none
heard what the stone heart murmured.

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