Sunday, April 1, 2018

Neural Crest Cells : Mnemonic

Hi everyone !
Here's a short mnemonic post !

Neural Crest Cells are very special cells that form at around 2-3 weeks of gestation.
They're right next to the Neural folds of the Neural tube to begin with and then eventually come to lie lateral to the tube, after which they migrate to various parts of the body giving rise to a bunch of things.

It's kind of SUPER IMPORTANT to memories what structures arise out of the Crest cells.
One of the reasons for it is that neural crest cell tumors will express certain neuroendocrine markers and that will make it easier to detect them on histopathology.
The other reason is that it's literally the most favorite embryology question - whether it's  NEET PG or Step1!

So here goes :

Mnemonic - LAMAS BABy

L - Lepto meninges (Pia + Arachnoid)
A - Adrenal Medulla
M - Melanocytes
A - ANS Ganglia
S - Schwann Cells

B - Branchial Arches
A - Aortopulmonary windows + Endocardial Cushions
B - Bronchogenic cells - Pneumocytes
Y - Yo

This will also help you understand why Melanomas , Bronchogenic Carcinoma , Schwannoma, Pheochromocytoma and even Neuroblastoma are all positive for similar markers and have similar appearances at times along with similar histopathological fetaures.

Hope this list covers them all!
Happy Studying!
Stay Awesome!

~ A.P. Burkholderia


  1. Can u please explain something about aortopulmonary windows...what exactly are they ??

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