Monday, May 28, 2018

Complications of blood transfusion

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This post is about the complications from a single blood transfusion.

1) The most common complication is febrile nonhemolytic tranfusion reaction(FNHTR). -- this occurs due to anti-HLA antibodies in the recipient which kills WBCs leading to release of interleukins and cytokines which are pyrogens. So the treatment is antipyretics.
2) Urticaria - it is due to IgE antibodies in plasma. So we give antihistamines to control it.
3) Hemolytic transfusion reaction - due to antibodies against RBCs. This is rare.  It may occasionally occur due to clinical errors in pretranfusion tests.
4) Infections - bacterial infection due to faulty storage, hepatitis, HIV, malaria.
5) Air embolism
6) Thrombophlebitis
7) Transfusion- related acute lung injury - usually occurs within 6 hrs after transfusion.

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