Monday, May 28, 2018

Complications of massive blood transfusion

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Massive blood transfusion is defined as

Complications from massive transfusion include :
1) Hypothermia
2) Hypocalcemia - because citrate present in transfused blood is a calcium chelator, it decreases the available calcium.
3) Acidosis - as citrate is acidic in nature.
4) Hyperkalemia - as Hydrogen ions are present in excess due to acidosis, it is compensated by H+ loss in urine and K+ is regained back into blood. So this causes hyperkalemia.
5) Hypokalemia - in stored blood, the Na+-K+ pump is less functioning,  so there is decrease in intracellular K+ in stored blood.  But after blood transfusion, the Na+ K+  pump again starts functioning and increases intracellular K+, this leads to decrease in the available K+ outside the cell causing hypokalemia.
6) Dilutional coagulopathy - massive blood transfusion leads to dilution of clotting factors . It later manifests as DIC-like leading to multiorgan failure and death.

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