Thursday, September 13, 2018

Question: Chicken pox


Q) True about chicken pox are all except:
1) Caused by HSV-3
2) SAR is 90%
3) Superficial rash
4) Single stage of rash

Answer in 12 hours 
 Answer is 4) Single stage of rash

So, this post will help you remember manifestation of Chickenpox rash. You can also differentiate between Chickenpox and Smallpox rash using same

So for Chicken pox remember this mnemonic:-

DCP SPAReS Iron man ( Always Marvel fan!)

D= Dew drops appearance
CP= Centripetal appearance
S= Superficial and Uniocular 
A= Axilla and flexor surface affected
R=Rapid evolution
S=Spares palms and soles 
I=Inflammation around vesicles present

Since we have rapid evolution in chicken pox, scabs are formed after 4-7 days itself.

Smallpox rash appears exactly in an opposite manner of chickenpox rash.

Smallpox rash manifests as follow:-

Centrifugal appearence
Deep and Multilocular appearence
Axilla is spared and extensor compartment affected 
Slow evolution
Palms and soles are affected
No inflammation around vesicles
Since we have slow evolution in chicken pox, scabs are formed after 10-14 days itself.

-Demotional bloke

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