Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Modified Allen test

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Hope you guys are doing great. Assuming that you might have heard about ABG analysis I am discussing about Allen's test.

What is Allen's test?
Allen's test is done to assess the circulation of the hand (i.e. Radial and ulnar artery).

The examiner apply the pressure to the wrist occluding the ulnar and the radial arteries. The patient then make the fist and open and close it several times. The hand should appear blanched by this time because the arteries has been occluded temporarily.

Now remove the pressure from ulnar artery. If the return of color occurs quickly, then test is considered to show a normal circulation.
If it take 5-15sec in flushing of palm then test is positive and ulnar artery is adequate to supply the arch, we can proceed with sample collection in this patient. If it takes >15 sec then choose alternative site. Alternative sites for access are brachial or femoral arteries, but these have several disadvantages.

Repeat the same procedure for radial artery.

Importance in:-
1. Volar wrist ganglion around the radial artery.
2. before doing ABG analysis.
Study more about it. 

-Upasana Y. 

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